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Black Pearl 2018 ready for launch

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Wednesday 2019-05-22

I staged a little photo-session in the garden to celebrate the finalization of the Black Pearl 2018 project.

Decent finish in the paint work as long as you don’t look closer than this.

You can mirror yourself in it, what more can you ask for?
The flaws are less prominent and less visible in sunlight than in the strong direct light from the spotlights in the workshop.

An overall view, the lightning is less talented though.
Shadows from the trees assist in blurring the mistakes in sanding and paint work.

The rubber cord on the rear deck has extra attachement points in the centre line. Since the deck is flat I fear that having them stretch the full width will not achieve the desired force for sufficiently pinning down the deck load. By fixating the cord also in the middle you can also attach two separate small items. Big items should not be on deck anyway.

In addition, it might be a handy feature to ensure that the spare paddle hasn’t slipped over to the opposite side when you need it in a hurry,

Below in the gallery you find some additional pictures from the first shooting of my new kayak:

Pending the maiden voyage I built an accessory to one of my kayak carriers. Intend to transport the Pearl bottom up, and prefer a flat brace in order for the rear deck to get as good support as possible.

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